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Hello & welcome to The Rowe Boutique! 

I'm Kennedy, the owner & founder of The Rowe Boutique. For those of you that don't know me, here is a little background on me. I have spent my entire life in the retail world. Surrounded by family businesses, I grew fond of the buying and selling process.

When I turned 18, I started a job at Buckle where I truly found my love for fashion and selling. That was no surprise, since I have ALWAYS loved shopping! But, what did come as a surprise is the real reason why I came to enjoy my job so much. I realized that I LOVED my job because of the people. I loved the feeling of watching someone find that outfit that made them glow. I loved building relationships with my guests. I loved those mental pats on the back when someone found the perfect outfit for a first date. I loved being apart of those moments. The moments where people looked in the mirror and thought "DANG, I look good".

Fast forward 5 years and I started a career path at VS where my passion for visuals and backroom operations thrive. But, at VS I also get to experience those same moments. The moments when you get to fit a girl for her first real bra. The moments when tears roll down a breast cancer survivors face when you find her a bra that makes her feel beautiful. Those are the moments that strike my passion. Those are the moments that make me realize retail is so much more than just the clothes. 

That is what The Rowe Boutique is about. It's about experiencing those moments & building those relationships. Here is to every single one of you feeling beautiful in your own skin & THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to be apart of it.

With love,


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