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Be Still by Amanda Felix

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Get an autographed copy of the book “Be Still: The Place of Complete Surrender” by Amanda Felix 

Amanda Felix is a living testimony of a woman who "couldn't catch a break." There were many times when she lost it all and had to start all over. Being abused physically, mentally, and sexually she knows what it is like to feel unworthy, not enough and abandoned. She has endured so much pain that she trained her mind to suppress the trauma and stay busy. She was going 90 miles a minute, working multiple jobs, not finishing projects, running on lack of sleep and searching for her purpose.

Everything came to a holt when God had to shake her in different seasons of her life to BE STILL. Being still was not popular to her, but that is where she learned how to be vulnerable at the feet of Jesus. All the lonely and crying nights, heartache, loss, and suicide attempts, she pushed through and accomplished all her hearts desires. The stories you will read may seem shocking, touch your heart, and impossible to endure, but it is her desires to share every moment with you in hopes that you will never gives up. Now a Christian singer, actress, model and advocate, Amanda uses her gifts to be a positive light in the world. Her heart for the readers of this book is HOPE. To encourage the reader to answer the call to BE STILL.


"You Can't Lead If You Don't Read" - MOM