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Summer 2022 Fashion Trends You Must Follow

Summer 2022 Fashion Trends You Must Follow

Is there a subtle whiff of sizzling barbeque, salty air, and sunscreen? This can only indicate one thing: summer has arrived, and our closets desperately need a makeover. This season, both practically and symbolically, the future of fashion is bright. While peaceful pastels and trustworthy neutrals will never go out of style, vibrant hues are the pattern for this season's upbeat approach. Consider the brilliant reds of poppies in blossom and the rich greens of luxuriant pastures. As a result, Summer 2022 fashion trends are a mishmash of upgraded classics and revivals from previous decades. Opt for romantic ruffles for your next sunset picnic or try denim for a road trip. There's something for everyone, and we're here to help you figure out which warm-weather trends are right for you. 

So, ladies, let's find out the perfect theme for summer trends and make dressing easy for you this season.  

Cottage core:  

Spending a long weekend at a summer cottage? Make sure to bring your crochet, eyelet, and lace pieces. The cottage core concept has evolved rapidly from a niche aesthetic to a lifestyle. Cottage core is the top fashion trend for summer dresses in 2022, thanks to a new crop of homesteaders and back-to-the-landers. Look out for garden blooms such as teensy daisies and floral patterns to join this feminine wave. Try earthy colors such as sunset peach, relaxing lavender, and sage to get color inspiration from Mother Nature. 

Y2K Fashion:  

Do you have any flashbacks? The latest runway presentations in fashion appear to be recreations of previous decades, but we're not criticizing. We will take the nostalgic sensation and make it happen in our closets. 70s-inspired clothing and 90's designs are already creating waves in the modern world. Now is the time to let Y2K fashion take center stage. Butterfly tops and baby tees teamed with low-rise jeans and miniskirts are high on the list of summer fashion trends. So, make sure you have these pieces in your closet.  

Oversized Aesthetic: 

The way we look at oversized clothing has changed recently. It is now it's a trademark for comfort and style. So, find yourself some oversized graphic white tees or size up in your favorites. Match them up with ripped or ankle-length jeans. The oversized t-shirt not only goes with jeans, but it can also be worn as a dress paired with cute flats. This staple tee is going to complete your summer look.

 Try these options to make your summer style stand out.

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