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Fashion Full Circle

Fashion Full Circle

The love of clothes is something that started at a young age...Quite possibly because our mom always made sure we looked our best.  My earliest memories are of all the places that we would shop in Neosho.  It's a Small World, McGinty's Department Store, Shoecenter, Williams Department Store, Tres Chic, Toni's, and Classy Kids.  Because my family owned the television and appliance store on the square, I grew up running around the square.  Our families were close friends with the owners of most of these stores.  I learned to steam clothes for Toni's when I was probably 8 or 9.  My first, and still one of my favorite jobs was a gift wrapper at Christmas at McGinty's Department Store.  I then worked a whole 2 hours a week at a boutique called Clothes N Counter, and spent way more than I made using that employee discount to buy the latest Pepe jeans.  

At the age of 13, my mom passed away from a rare form of lung cancer called mesothelioma after an 18 month battle.  Suddenly, I had a budget for my clothes.  Budgeting was probably one thing my mom never did with clothes and I will admit it has always been a struggle for me.  But, it also motivated me to work for the things I wanted.  

After getting married and graduating from MSSC with my Bachelor's Degree in Management & Marketing, I joined my grandparents and Dad working full time at our family business.  By this time we had a full-line of Furniture, Bedding & Appliances.  For 20 years I worked full time managing, buying and selling while also being a mom & wife.  Our kids grew up watching us work in our own businesses, so I was not surprised at all when I saw Kennedy thrive in the retail environment.  She had learned the value of working hard and providing great customer service. 

Eight years ago, my Dad was ready to retire and we made the decision to close the furniture store.  Seven years ago I was offered the opportunity to work at the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce, that has been one of the greatest blessings, I truly love my job and getting to help support the community that I love.  

Now I get to help my daughter build HER dream.  "The Rowe Boutique" 

I know my Mom would be so proud of the wife and mother she has become and would be honored to know she named her precious Baby girl Kaysen Rowe Jackson after her and now a boutique to carry on the legacy of love for fashion.  

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